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DJK Information Pages:

        The Information pages are extremely helpful in recording on paper all the important details that you would like and that your deejay needs to know about your event.  There are 4 pages overall for our wedding clients.
    If you need those four pages, send a request to djkpros@yahoo.com and you'll get a quick reply along with an attachment of the four information pages.
    Page 1 deals with the ceremony information and also the names of those that will be introduced into the reception part of the evening.
    Page 2 deals with all the details of the reception.
    Page 3 deals with the types of music desired, the types of music to avoid and a section to write down all your special requests for the dance floor.
    Page 4 is the itinerary page for your whole event.

You may also request to be sent an attachment that has tons of songs popular for weddings.  This list could help you when deciding what special requests you want for your dance floor.
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