DJK Professionals......Northern California's premiere deejay company 


What DJK provides for you:
        - A fun, professional deejay who doesn't seek attention upon himself, yet will create a wonderful atmosphere for your friends and guests.  DJK deejays are also very good at understanding and reading your crowd for music selection while staying within the parameter set by the clients.
        - Quality equipment.  DJK has a quality cordless microphone for toasts and only buys higher end equipment for great sound quality for music.  DJK can also provide a clip-on microphone for people performing your ceremony.
        - Help during your process leading up to your big event.  Let our experience within the industry be a help creating that "perfect" day!
DJK Rates:
        - There are many factors that determine your rate:
                    - Date....prime time dates are usually the weekends from May 1 through the end of September.
                    - Location.....there could be a separate add-on charge for traveling distance.
                    - Hours.....DJK has a flat rate for the normal wedding of 5-6 hours.  More than that would be higher.
                    - Ceremony?.....is DJK needed for your ceremony too?  If the ceremony is at the same location and
                                                there is no time gap between the ceremony and reception then it's no charge from
                                                us.  However, if it's at a different location and/or there's a time gap between the
                                                ceremony and reception then there will be added charges.
                    - Economic Conditions......this could be a plus or minus for you depending on the economy.
How to book your date with DJK:
        To officially book your date and knock one more thing  off your "to do" list for your wedding we would send you a contract to which you would sign it, make a copy of it for your records, then send back the original contract with your deposit check and you're officially booked!  You can either call Kristy at 925-292-1019 with your information or send us your info to djkpros@yahoo.com .
        INFO NEEDED when booking:   Date of Event.  Time of Event.  Location and address of event.  Clients'
                                first and last name(s).  Clients' contact number(s), email address(es), and mailing
                                address.  Is DJK needed for your ceremony?  If yes, in what capacity?  Who is your Event
                                Coordinator and what is his/her contact number?
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