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What should I expect from my deejay?:
    DJK deejays will be the Master of Ceremonies for your event following the itinerary for the event.  DJK deejays will create a nice atmosphere while staying professional...never trying to be the center of attention.  DJK deejays will have a wide assortment of music and play within the parameters set by the client....never going outside the parameters without the client's permission.  DJK deejays will interact in a casual way with your guests during the event to get an idea of what type of music they're looking for and then use that information while getting a good read on the dance crowd when it comes to music.  Finally, your DJK deejay will always look and dress professionally for your event.

What does DJK provide for my ceremony?:
    Many times, especially at Palmdale Estates in Fremont, DJK will help out with the ceremony.  DJK can provide one clip-on microphone for the officiant of the ceremony.  Off of this mic, the officiant is loud and clear and both the bride and groom get picked up by the same mic, just not as loud as the officiant.  DJK can also provide one hand held microphone for either a reader or singer.
DJK can play background music while your guests arrive and then also special songs for when parents, the groom and his groomsmen, the bridesmaids, ring bearer(s) and flower girl(s) walk down the aisle.  DJK would also play a recessional song for the bride and groom to walk out after the ceremony is over.
PLEASE NOTE:  DJK DOES NOT provide amplification for musicians that you hire for you ceremony.  They would have to bring their own amps to the ceremony.  Please inform any musicians that you hire about this.

When does payments and pages need to be turned in to DJK?:    
    In order to book you would need a signed contract and a deposit turned into DJK as soon as possible so that no one else will book your deejay and date.
    The final balance of your contract is due NO LATER than 5 DAYS before your event and must be in the form of a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER'S CHECK only.  Personal checks are not accepted that late in the process.
    Your four-page INFORMATIONAL SHEETS are due no later than 3 WEEKS PRIOR to your event.

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